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Roof Windows, Skypods, Sun Tunnels & Roof Domes

Bingley Roofing Contractors Ltd have experienced roofing staff that are able to install a wide range of size, finish and design of Velux windows, Skypods, sun tunnels and roof domes.

This service can enable rooms to be transformed with the introduction of natural light.  Furthermore, Velux windows, Skypods, sun tunnels and also roof domes can be installed as replacements of existing skylights, or as new installations into a pitched roof area and even into flat roofs.

Roof Windows

Skypod roof windows are an innovative system of skylights for pitched and flat roofs.  These are certainly ideal for new build extensions or conservatories and in addition to current builds with flat roofs that lack natural light.  There are various size , glazing and colour options available.

Sun Tunnels

Velux sun tunnels for pitched or flat roofs are designed to provide natural light into corridors, stairwells and bathrooms and cupboards under pitched or flat roofs, where installation of a Velux window is not possible.

Furthermore sun tunnels provide installation flexibility.  Consequently, Flex tunnels can be used because when the distance between the roof and the ceiling is too small for a rigid tunnel.  So rigid tunnels, therefore, deliver a straight shaft of light as a result of the ceiling being placed directly under the exterior window.

Roof Windows 

Velux roof windows are available in various finishes, glazing and operation options.  Velux centre-pivot roof windows are ideal if you are looking for low installation and are convenient and easy to operate – ideal when placing furniture beneath.  Above all they offer an excellent view while standing and when seated.  They are available in white paint, pine finish in addition to PVC.

For more information we would recommend you visit the Velux website.

Roof Domes 

Roof domes are a wonderful addition to any flat roof.  They are available in various designs, materials and finishes.  Our roofers can advise you of the most appropriate product for your roof area and most importantly within your budget.

In conclusion there are a variety of options available to transfer rooms with natural sources of light.  Consequently we would always advise that you contact your local building control and relevant council planning department before carrying out such work.

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