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Chimneys, Pointing & Leadwork

Chimneys can be quite complex, particularly when locating a leak.   There are many areas that could potentially allow water penetration.  Bingley roofing have many years of experience working with chimneys, leadwork and pointing.   For that reason we can provide you with a quotation that covers the most obvious issues, as this is the most cost effective way of dealing with your chimney problem.

Due to our extensive knowledge includes cowls, chimney pots, flaunching, pointing, stone/brick work repairs, leadwork  such as lead soakers, flashings and aprons.  As with all work, a thorough site survey is carried out and furthermore, a quotation is produced free of charge, with photographs if required.

Consequently a survey starts with inspecting the chimney top to ensure the mortar flaunching, chimnney cowl and pot are in a good state of repair.  The roofers would then inspect the stone/brick construction of the stack, including the pointing.  The porosity of the stack will also be checked.  The leadwork to the base of the chimney stack will be inspected.  Adjoining areas such as slates, tiles, felt and adjoining roof constructions will also be included in the check list.

Finally, when the survey is complete and photographs have been inspected, the Contracts Manager will produce a quotation.  As a result this will outline the problems identified and most importantly the recommended works will be suggested.

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