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New Roofs & Re-roofing

Re-roofing and New roofs – Modern Tiles and Traditional Slates

Bingley Roofing specialise in replacement new modern roofs, traditional slate roof turning, and roof overhauls of all specifications.   Most importantly, our roofing teams have extensive experience and skills and are, therefore, able to assist you with replacing or overhauling your roof.

A Site Survey

First of all, as with all our work, a site survey would be carried out.  As a result of this thorough inspection of the roof  a short report including our recommendations and the cost implications are included.  Likewise, if photographs are required we will provide these.   Furthermore, we will provide a quotation free of charge, without obligation.

Roof Considerations

Most noteworthy, is that the roofing works involved does take into consideration the structural components of the roof and their condition.   Similarly, the ventilation and insulation required to the roof void, in accordance with building regulations will be incorporated into our recommendations. Consequently, we use the most effective breathable felts, and felt vents to the felt overlaps.  This will certainly encourage air flow to the new roof void.  As a result, this should reduce condensation.  UPVC eaves trays are also recommended.   These trays will certainly preserve the felt at the eaves course on your replacement roof.  They are designed to encourage the correct water run off directly from the roof and into the guttering.

Similarly, Velux windows, bay windows, additional slate vents, etc.  are also incorporated into the suggested roof plan, most importantly before the re-roofing works are to be carried out.  New Velux windows, flat roofs and other practical design features can be removed or introduced.

Likewise, traditional pointing and lead work can also be carried out.  Modern equivalents such as low maintenance, mortar free UPVC ridge and verge systems can be introduced to ensure the roofs installed are in line with EU recommendations.

Roofing Works Guaranteed

Finally, we always leave the site clean and tidy, with all skips and scaffolding removed.  Furthermore and most importantly all our re-roofing works is guaranteed for 5 years.  This covers all materials and workmanship involved in the roofing project.

Roofing Information To Note

We would always advise that you contact your local building control and relevant council planning department before carrying out re-roofing or new roof work.

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