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Mortar & UPVC Ridge & Verge

Bingley Roofing can repair and replace traditional mortar bedding and pointing to both ridges and verges.  Furthermore, there are available UPVC mortar free, dry ridge and dry verge.  Consequently these are available in various styles and colours.

The use of mortar as a sole means of fixing roof tiles and fittings is now deemed as insufficient by the British Standard for Slating and Tiling (BS 5534). For this reason, not only should careful consideration be given to the creation of a suitable roof mortar through the correct sand and cement mix, but likewise, tiles or fittings bedded with mortar, must also be accompanied by a mechanical fix.

As a result the changes are designed to improve the overall security of the roof structure due to more severe weather conditions in the UK and to bring our standard in line with those of European standards.

Bingley Roofing can certainly install low maintenance, upvc dry ridge and dry verge where appropriate to suit your roof covering.  Above all to ensure your roof structure meets British Standard as outlined above.

We can advise you, further to a free site survey and quotation if this application of mortar free products would be suitable for your roof.

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