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Maintenance, Leaks And Repairs

If you have a problem with a roof leak, roof maintenance and/or roof repairs, we will attend site to carry out a free of charge survey.

First of all the roofers will assess the roof both internally and externally if required.  Furthermore an assessment will be made to locate the problem areas and if relevant, locate the roof leak.  In addition, whilst the roofers are on the roof, the roofers will assess the most likely problem areas and take photographs and as a result enable you to see their findings.

However, we certainly recommend that clients have a free roof maintenance check in the spring because this ensures all aspects of the roof are surveyed.  For instance, areas such as pointing, leadwork, gutters, fascias, etc. In other words all roof ares are checked, therefore, to ensure they are inn a good state of repair.  Consequently this ensures that there is ample opportunity to carry out the necessary roof repairs, before poor weather is experienced.

We do work regularly with Insurance companies when storm damage does occur and consequently as a result, carry out work on their behalf .

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