Mortar Ridge Maintenance

Over time mortar on roof ridges can be effected by the weather.  Wind, rain, snow and frost can all be detrimental to the condition of the pointing on the ridge.  These weather conditions can cause the mortar to crack and then fall out, allowing water to penetrate the roof void.  If the mortar is in a very poor condition, the ridge sections can come away from the roof, particularly in high winds.  Bingley Roofing Contractors Ltd can provide a free survey to check the condition of the ridge and establish if maintenance works is required.  We can patch point areas of ridge where small amounts of mortar has fallen out, or remove the old mortar and then re-point the ridges if required. On occasion it is beneficial to lift the ridges from the roof, clean off and dispose of the old mortar and to then bond, re-bed and re-point the ridge back into position.  All our work is guaranteed for two years.



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