UPVC Eaves Support Trays

Eaves Support trays have been designed to provide a long-term solution to the problems associated with eaves decay under the roof, including the degradation of felt and the secondary rotting of rafter timbers and other roof structures.

Roofing felt perishes over a period of time, and is at its most vulnerable at the lower end, the eaves. This is where the felt can sag and water can collect, this is called ‘ponding’. After some-time the ponding effect causes the felt to rot and rupture, allowing the water to access the roofing system.

The eaves support tray, which is plastic, prevents this as it is rigid enough to prevent the overlapping felt to sag or pond, and so avoids the natural breakdown process.

The Eaves Guard is the most cost-effective way of providing a complete and robust felt support system that will not deteriorate, giving additional protection to the fascia detail, and suitable for use with all slates and tiles.

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