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Sheeting, Cladding & Over-cladding

We have a roofing department that has vast experience and skill installing roof sheets and cladding.  This includes a wide variety of materials, including fibrecement and metal roof sheets and cladding.  Therefore, this enables us to replace, repair or over-clad sheets and/or cladding including flashings to existing or new roofs.

Over cladding is the renovation of a façade by the addition of a new sheet over the original external fabric of the building.  As a result we can improve problems with leaking sheeted roofs, with insulation and similarly the aesthetic presentation of the building.

We use Composite panels, Plastisol coated cladding, single skin, double skin and over sheets.  Consequently a wide range of applications can be renovated or replaced with new roof sheets and cladding.

We would, therefore, carry out a comprehensive site visit.   We would discuss your roof sheets and cladding requirements and subsequently advise you of the best approach to repair or renew your existing building and associated roofs.

Finally, all roof sheeting and cladding can be carried out in domestic, industrial and commercial environments.  Consequently, as a result, we can renovate or repair a large industrial roof to a small garage roof.

Most noteworthy, we can work with asbestos sheeting and cladding if required.  As a result, above all, the safety of the client and the roofers is assured, as a result of working in accordance with strict health and safety guidelines.

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